​​​Coreless Apple

Now at 82 yrs old Mom is living with Alzheimer's, her diagnosis has taught me the biggest lessons in patience I have ever faced.  It has reminded me to focus on strengths more than I ever have before, she does the best she can and can't learn anything new.  MY "find a way attitude" has helped tremendously spending time with Mom.  

I've only ever known "Find a way" and that it is still true today.  I will help anyone see many more options or paths to try then they have allowed themselves to find. That part is my reward, seeing others succeed gives me my greatest satisfactions. 

  What is Coreless Apple?

    I'm going to say "Coreless Apple" started when I was born.  I've sought ways to do things differently         and questioned "Why" to everything, always!

    My version of "Coreless Apple" was created when I  wanted to eat apples for snacks but didn't want         the core that is left over. I was traveling the world as a retail district manager , or traveling with the           International Nature Bodybuilding Association and often in a rental car. 
   So one day I just ate the whole thing, problem solved! I was Coreless!

   Then it became a tool I used to help people open their minds and think another way. It has and will          continue to open up some of the best conversations I have, and in turn help anyone to "Find another      way" ? 


 Where are you stuck? Do you see your inaction as your stumbling block?  Let's move it out of your way together.
 My program Coreless Apple will guide you to motivate, educate and set the example for yourself.  Impress yourself first ,  don't wait for anyone else to  encourage, direct or motivate you...that's your role!

Here we help you take responsibility for "you" changing, growing and making your dreams happen!

I've been asked what role my Mom (pictured above) may have played in Coreless Apple? Without intention, her role is huge. 

Pictured as the baby I'm about 8 months old, and one of the only pictures I can find where I am the only child. When I was 11 months old my sister was born (I'm sitting on her in the shot), a year after that a brother, and the year after that the next brother. Four children in less that four years.

Our childhood was 'bouncy" for lack of a better term, my mom and dad parted several times leaving her to work 1,2 or 3 jobs at a time. That left the oldest (me) to handle many responsibilities not often placed on an eight year old's shoulders.