Yvonne Scharf, C.N.
Clinical Nutritionist
Owner of HealthArray

and I celebrating

Alison Muzi
Budding Professional Poker Player at

the 2016 WSOP Ladies event..

Erin Griffith

Retired retail manager (32 yrs)

Happy grandmother and friend!

​​​Coreless Apple

I'm a 50ish grandmother. I've known Kathy Saldana for over 30 years. When I met Kathy, she was a United States Marine. My initial impression was large (because she's tall and I'm short) and in charge. I learned to capitalize on that trait. Over the years, I had the privilege of spending a great deal of time with Kathy and consider her one of my closest friends and confidants.

Kathy, divorced,  raised her children on her own while always working full time. She was an inspiration to all of us who were watching her handle all the daily life of two children, running a business, and being committed to fitness.

Kathy and I  travel frequently, as far as Greece so far and she always handles all the travel and lodging plans. Anytime a crisis arose, and many did, Kathy always seemed to be able to keep a cool head and remove the emotion from the situation and find a rational solution that was viable for all parties involved. "Find a way" her personal mantra.

We are now grandmothers and continue to learn and support each other as we navigate this most wonderful role in life!

I've been able to take advantage of Kathy's Coreless Apple practices and philosophies over many years and successfully practice them in my personal and professional life. 

Erin Griffith

Hi…I’m Alison Muzi
I met Kathy  when I joined a private poker group that meets monthly and I was working to advance my poker game.

She was sweetly blunt on how I could improve then followed up with me every month until I won. Her no nonsense approach was just what I needed to keep me motivated and her advice is invaluable,

I will recommend and use her again.

Thanks again Kathy!

I had the privilege to work under Kathy when she was my department manager in an upscale natural food and nutritional supplement store.

Kathy was exceptional at sharing her vision and goals for the department and for each employee in her department. She has a keen sense of each person’s potential that she works with.

She strikes the perfect balance between keeping each individual under her watch challenged, spurring them on to better their performance, yet at the same time being their biggest cheerleader and fan.

When I worked with Kathy, she always fostered a fun and dynamic environment. We continue to be friends to this day and I can attest to her character and integrity that consistently launches her to success in all her endeavors.

Kathy puts her whole heart and effort into whatever she pursues and projects confidence in not only herself but those she partners with.

I highly recommend entrusting your personal vision and goals to Kathy, she has the gift and heart to help others be their very best. 

Yvonne Scharf, C.N.