​​​Coreless Apple

Transitioning from the care of your parents to managing your your life can be confusing and scary but millions before you have done it and all with guidance!

Your education has not covered the skills and responsibilities you'll need to be successful (that is not your fault) but the transition should be handled successfully and that is why I offer my services! Your success and journey are worth it!

Teen Transition is a 12 week video conference program that will cover the importance of making and maintaining the correct choices ushering you into independent living and being proud of the choices you make.

                    The program covers...

                               * Planning

                               * Budget / Savings

                               * Education

                               * Housing

                               * Independence

                               * Discipline

​                               * Appreciation and more

Upon successful completion you will have the tools to plan your independence, make choices you are proud of

and will work for everything that is important in your life making the accomplishment much more satisfying. 

True appreciation makes every endeavor satisfying!