​​​Coreless Apple

The best athletes, doctors, politicians, teachers and lawyers, all find mentors. Professional who want to excel in what they do, seek out mentors.

They seek out that person who has a personal track record they want to relate with, and achieve as the mentor does. The mentors helps teach them the tricks of the trade.

​Mentoring is the oldest form of sharing experience, finding trust and companionship with a person who has already walked in the shoes you are wearing and is informed with subjects that mirror your own.   Trusting that your mentor remains educated and will be transparent with you in conversation are very important guidelines to follow. Everyone is different and needs a customized approach. 

My style of mentoring is to learn who you are, what your objectives are and to thicken your skin to hear the naked truth about how you need to navigate yourself to success!

My style is "Boot Camp with a Hug" We peel back the layers, get to the raw truth and move toward success. 

My life experience has been wide spread, lots of different situations, the common denominator is everyone needs to have a place they can be honest and raw.  They success in clearing away the thickest brush in there way with a non-emotional but supportive ear. 

As your mentor I will help you identify your true obstacles, require that you accept responsibility for them and coach you through changes that will better your life. 

Boot Camp with a Hug!