Woman, the opposite of man!

She can give birth, do laundry while making dinner and help with homework while being strong or sympathetic.

She can drive the staff to success while encouraging the underdog.

She can care for the household while.....

forgetting herself.

That is why Coreless Apple is here for the woman!

Find a way to take care of yourself...You are responsible for teaching others to handle the "hard facts of life" you are not responsible for shielding the family from it all!

Do not forget "you"!

The woman's program is a 12 week video conference program. It is the most personalized service I offer.

Finding confidence, taking responsibility for your actions and building the path to enjoying life will be the reward. A happy you, creates a happier us!

It's important to find your place with women older and younger than yourself.

Guide and be guided !

​​​Coreless Apple